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Welcome to Pursuit of Spark!  Join us for conversations about creative approaches to the challenges, possibilities, and pleasures of everyday life and work.

Thanks to Dick Nodell and Stephanie Lyness, we have much to share with you over the next few months in Work Mysteries and American Gumbo.  If you have a question for Dick or Steph, send it to us at info (at)  We would love to have you join the conversation!

If you're in New York City, please join me at The Metropolitan Museum of Art for Spark Conversations.   You can find out more about this new series here.

We look forward to hearing from you!




Four Lessons in Creativity
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Spark: How Creativity Works has stories from artists, musicians, writers, and directors about where they find their spark.  It's also available as an audio book.

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Welcome to Pursuit of Spark and the Daily Juggle!


Photo by Joy Yagid

We're so happy you've joined us for conversations about the challenges and joys at work and at home, the juggle we all take part in everyday.  In Spark, we'll meet fascinating people who are pursuing their spark in a rich variety of ways, from creating fashionable design companies that employ women so they can earn the money to go to University, to exploring how excercise can change your brain.

Pursuit of Spark also includes the wonderful contributors to the Daily Juggle, where you'll find something to make your own juggle a little easier, or at least find a few moments of respite and connection to refresh you before you head back in! 

In five minutes of conversation, Dick Nodell can illuminate a Work Mystery, offering good-humored guidance and thought-provoking wisdom about the challenges of negotiating the workplace.

If you have just a minute or two, listen to Patricia Videgain's Body Haiku.  Patricia creates imaginative and playful explorations of movement, breath and body, which we can do wherever we are.

 And if the clutter of everyday feels overwhelming, check out Diane Thomson's Creative Organizing.  Diane approaches the challenges of creating order with a generous good nature and practical ideas.